Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've just finished The Lovely Bones. It was a very...sweet? It seems like the oddest adjective to put in front of a book like this, but that was the first thing I could think of.
Susie Salmon is the narrator and in the first sentence or so you learn she is dead. I thought, from the movie previews, that the story would be about her helping her family find her killer, body, justice...etc. In fact I found it to be a lot more about how little control you have in your life. That some things you must just accept, like Susie realizes finally that for her family to be able to move on with their lives she must move on with her death. The story weaves through many years, Susie remembering times of her life growing up and also watching her little sister and brother grow older than her. One of the more poignant parts was when Susie's little sister falls in love and it's something that Susie should have experienced first, but would never have the beauty of in her life. Not really what I was expecting but it was really a beautifully written, lyrical book.
So the new book I'm starting was given to me by my mother for Christmas. I immediately was intrigued by the name Endymion Spring. I thought it may be about the Greek myth of the shepherd Endymion who the moon goddess Selene fell in love with and put a spell on him to have him sleep forever so he would never grow old. No, it's not about that. It's about a book called Endymion Spring that a boy in Oxford in modern times finds. It's a blank book but is obviously very old and veiled in magic... I think, I'm not too far in yet. Gutenberg and Faust make appearances in the 1400s part of. Should be interesting...