Friday, October 30, 2009

Needings and Readings

Finally, I’ve finally finished Airs Above the Ground. It was such a short little book, only 255 words, but OH, I just couldn’t get through it! I kept getting new books that I wanted to read so much more. So in the few months it took me to read 255 pages of my romantic mystery I read the newest Dune (The Winds of Dune), The Book of Lost Things, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and my aforementioned Straight on ‘Til Morning. None of which are terribly noteworthy. I had such high expectations for all of them. Dune (the original series) is in my most humble and unassuming opinion one of the greatest works of literature in history. Maybe after Hamlet. Or between Hamlet and Watership Down. Just a thought…

Anyway, so now the great Frank Herbert’s son What’shisname Herbert is writing prequels and sequels and biographies all from Frank Herbert's work. On one hand, I just love to see more more more of the greatest story ever written. On the other… they aren’t the same. He somehow changes the characters and I don’t love them so much. And he cheapens the story. I just feel he is trying to make money from his father’s legacy. They aren’t written at all like his father’s were, can never be as twisted, complex, and rich. But, I will keep buying and reading them, forever into eternity, because I love Dune so much. Oh the tangled web I’ve fallen into, I know it’s a trap but I just can’t seem to care.

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly was actually quite good. It was darker than I thought it would be. It’s about a boy, David, whose mother taught him a profound love of books and stories. She dies (of course) and he follows her voice into another world that is filled with warped fairy tales. So, he must travel through the world to find the king who has a Book of Lost Things that might have a way for him to get home. Dancing about on the periphery is the Crooked Man whose motives we don’t know; just that he is evilly interested in David. It’s another coming of age type novel, a lot like Straight on ‘Til Morning. I just wonder why all the coming of age books for boys generally take them into battles and heroics and for girls into their blossoming sexuality? Maybe because boys never really grow up and will always dream about slaying the dragon. So boring.

Time Traveler’s Wife. Overrated. I thought I was getting into a deep scifi novel with time travel. Instead, it’s just a man with a hereditary condition that sends him (naked) to different parts of his timeline. He gets frostbitten and beaten up a lot. But of course, it’s really a touching, if heartbreaking, love story. I understand now why they called it the Time Traveler’s Wife. It is all about her love for him and how her life ended up revolving around his appearances and disappearances.

All right. Now I'm off to watch SciFi (Pfff on Syfy...) channel.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Straight on 'Til Morning

So I've come to realize that children are in actuality Satan's messengers bringing the Earth plagues, locusts and H1N1.
I've been truly sick once already, missed almost a whole week of work. WHICH, because I need a certain amount of hours by service's end, I don't have sick days, now I have to work to make up those days and try to not get sick again.
I've gotten a lot of reading done and I've decided that is how I will spend my time, reviewing the recent books.
Straight on 'Til Morning by: Christopher Golden
My sister recommended this to me saying she found it in a used book store and was the first book she ever read all the way through the night. Hmm, big expectations. Does anything ever live up to expecations like that? One of the most mind blasting, earth shattering books you've read (in weeks). No.
It's about a boy, Kevin, who is in love, (of course) with Nikki. Nikki falls for a not so good guy who turns out to be from another world and the book devolves into a twisted Peter Pan with Nikki getting spirited away to a dark Neverland and Kevin and his friends following the second star to the right to save her. I feel that the author started writing the story as a typical coming of age tale, realized those had been done before and decided to add in a little fantasy. Undoubtedly the most surprising, insightful part of the story was a look into what young boys do and talk about when they are alone. My God, they've always had dirty little minds!
I'd say it is moderately recommended, for a not-too-long, somewhat exciting and original story.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My adult job

I've take a bit of a break from the blog world, what with moving and my new job I just couldn't arrange my thoughts into a meaningful, much less comprehensible, entry.
But I'm back!
I'm all moved into my new (adult) apartment. I've got a kitchen that I can just barely turn around in but fits all my stuff nicely because I have a...(drumroll) Pantry! Yes, yes, I know, not really SO exciting, but I love it because I love to bake and I need a lot of extra room for my foodstuffs.
I have also started my job and realized quickly that I don't want to be a teacher. Don't get me wrong, for the most part I enjoy working with the kids, but I could never, ever see myself doing this for the rest of my life. Also, I'm never 'in charge' of a whole class, I just take small groups aside for tutoring and the like. My GOD, what these teachers go through! The age groups we are working with, K-5 are completely, without a doubt, incapable of sitting quietly and working for more than 2 minutes. So imagine the stress of constantly having to keep a class of 25 children on task when all they want to do is get a drink, go to the bathroom, how do you spell this word, she's touching me, he's talking, I'm sick, blah blah blah into infinity. It is neverending, at least I get to make a run for it when my time is up with a certain class!
In general though. My life is good, I'm in love and happy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Quick!

Things are about to get exciting!
Right now I'm staying with my sister in Hillsboro until my new apartment is ready on the 19th. I'm putting off unloading my truck and into her garage because we are going back home to the parents' house to go salmon fishing with my dad! Then I'm filling my truck up with the rest of my stuff and coming back to Portland. Just have to wait a few more days!
On Monday I start my job with Americorps, bright and early at 9am, I'm so excited to find out exactly what I'm going to be doing!
Last night was fun with the sister and The Honey. She made Thai chicken for dinner with rice noodles and brussel sprouts. I guess you have to rinse the noodles in cool water after cooking them so they don't stick together. Normally you would then add them to a stir fry or something to heat them back up...seeing we only had chicken the Sister didn't do this, thus we had cold, slimy noodles. Tasted fine, just...cold...that's just not right.
Okay! Enough procastinating, I need to go unload the vehicle of my cool stuff!

Friday, August 7, 2009

How Glamorous!

Freecell win percentage is up to 88%, yes, I'm that good.
Airs Above the Ground
is getting better, they are traveling deeper into Austria.
So what else have I got going?
There is nothing better than getting mail. And today I got two wonderful things in the mail. My new Netflix movie (28 Weeks Later) and my Glamour magazine. What could be more awesome than sitting down to a movie and a mag? Though, I think this movie is going to be a bit gruesome. I watched the first one with The Honey (28 Days Later) and thought it was "meh," I'm not too into really gorey, bloody scary movies. He made me watch it because he thought it was really good...come to find out that he was confused and had only seen the second one, so now I'm watching it without him, it better be good... I hate wasting a Netflix with a crappy movie, so annoying!
I'm reading my Glamour and it says that I should create a budget and start putting money away for my retirement and such. Hmph, I am a little scared to make a budget, what if I'm spending all my money! I'm pretty proud that I've only a couple hundred dollars on a credit card, but then I have several thousand in student loans to pay back, ouch.
I think that will be my project for my next day off, create a budget. Yay! How exciting... I will let you know if I'm about to go bankrupt.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free(Cell) Time

So big news today! Bum bum bum...
My win percentage at Freecell is up to 76%! Yay!
Yes, yes I know, not really something to be this excited about, but I think it just goes to show how perseverance and calm, rationale analysis can overcome.
Since graduation (June 13th) I've fallen into a well of boredom, a very deep, damp, dark well. It's all very strange, not having this paper or that group project or midterm to consume my time. Yes, I do work, but 8 hours out of my day is nothing! Then there are my days off... a whole DAY with nothing, absolutely nothing to do? Usually if I was doing nothing I could at least be worrying about the homework I knew I could be doing... strange indeed... I really must find out what people do in their days off.
Anyway, so back to Freecell, I've gotten really good for the past few weeks, but my win percentage was destroyed from my first year of play. So I reset it yesterday and I've won 10 of 13 games. Nice, I know.
I haven't gotten much further in Airs Above the Ground, it's still a bit slow. Hopefully it picks up! Now I'm off the "watch" Twilight while playing FreeCell. The movie is a bit cheesy and adolescent (like the book), but the soundtrack is actually very lovely and I think Robert Pattinson has a soothing voice, so it's become my go to movie to turn on when I'm doing something else.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Keep on keeping on

I am so completely, absolutely, without a doubt OVER working food service.
I've worked at Subway since I was fifteen, all through high school, then college, just bouncing from store to store. Don't get me wrong, a job's a job, and I've worked with some really wonderful people. Some of my best friends are from work. But I can't say enough how OVER I am with it.
I think it just gives me an appreciation for what my schooling was worth, what those five long (expensive) years of all-nighters, coffee addiction, and living on free food from work and Ramen were for. Not so I could go back to working at Subway.
I'm here now, in little Seaside, Oregon in my last couple weeks of working food service to make a little extra money before my Real World Job starts on August 17th. And it is truly awful. All I can think about all day long is just a month more, just 3 weeks more, just 2 weeks more...
I can't even express how excited I am to move to Beaverton. Living with The Honey, having weekends off, having exciting, romantic, and spur of the moment excursions in Portland. I suppose it's the whole "20-something professional" thing I'm most excited about. Having friends over for dinner parties, helping The Honey tie his tie in the morning before we go to work, weekend mini-breaks. My GOD my life is beginning!
But for now, I just have to keep on keeping on with the torture of working fast food as a college graduate. Hmph.
In an aside. I'm reading an obscure little book called Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart (not Mary "Queen of Scots" Stewart, wrong century). It was written in the 60s and takes place in Britain and Austria, only a little over 250 pages. I've yet to really get into it, but then I'm only 40 pages in. I guess it's supposed to be a "romantic suspense" but I haven't really gotten to either of those yet... Mainly it's about a woman whose husband is supposed to be in Stockholm on business, but then she sees him in a newsreel in Austria, so she of course decides to investigate and heads to Austria. I think the Lipizzan Stallions are going to make an appearance which is probably why my mum bought me the book in the first place. I shall keep you updated!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So this is my life now?

Okay so college: done, finding a job: done, finding a job I will love forever and ever and will let me buy a Mercedes: to do.
In T-Minus 16 days I will be moving to Beaverton, Oregon, to start my first "Real World Job." BUT, in no way is it a career, mainly because I will be making barely over 1,000 a month. Americorps. This is a wonderful program that most people have never even heard of, and for right now, and especially how the economy is going, it is the perfect thing for me. I get some experience (Are B.A.s worth nothing? 5+ years experience for jobs advertised on craigslist? Seriously?) and more importantly a paycheck. And I get that warm fuzzy feeling of giving back.
My dream job though, what my eye has been on for the last 4 years 0f schooling, has been working in a publishing house, being a book editor. But that job I know is a long way off right now. But instead of waiting for my life to begin, I choose to have this lovely little outlet that will track my journey and help me release some of my pent up needs to write and talk about the thing I love most in the world.
Now I'm off to watch Deadliest Catch while playing Spider Solitaire. Oh the joys of leisure time.