Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Quick!

Things are about to get exciting!
Right now I'm staying with my sister in Hillsboro until my new apartment is ready on the 19th. I'm putting off unloading my truck and into her garage because we are going back home to the parents' house to go salmon fishing with my dad! Then I'm filling my truck up with the rest of my stuff and coming back to Portland. Just have to wait a few more days!
On Monday I start my job with Americorps, bright and early at 9am, I'm so excited to find out exactly what I'm going to be doing!
Last night was fun with the sister and The Honey. She made Thai chicken for dinner with rice noodles and brussel sprouts. I guess you have to rinse the noodles in cool water after cooking them so they don't stick together. Normally you would then add them to a stir fry or something to heat them back up...seeing we only had chicken the Sister didn't do this, thus we had cold, slimy noodles. Tasted fine, just...cold...that's just not right.
Okay! Enough procastinating, I need to go unload the vehicle of my cool stuff!

Friday, August 7, 2009

How Glamorous!

Freecell win percentage is up to 88%, yes, I'm that good.
Airs Above the Ground
is getting better, they are traveling deeper into Austria.
So what else have I got going?
There is nothing better than getting mail. And today I got two wonderful things in the mail. My new Netflix movie (28 Weeks Later) and my Glamour magazine. What could be more awesome than sitting down to a movie and a mag? Though, I think this movie is going to be a bit gruesome. I watched the first one with The Honey (28 Days Later) and thought it was "meh," I'm not too into really gorey, bloody scary movies. He made me watch it because he thought it was really good...come to find out that he was confused and had only seen the second one, so now I'm watching it without him, it better be good... I hate wasting a Netflix with a crappy movie, so annoying!
I'm reading my Glamour and it says that I should create a budget and start putting money away for my retirement and such. Hmph, I am a little scared to make a budget, what if I'm spending all my money! I'm pretty proud that I've only a couple hundred dollars on a credit card, but then I have several thousand in student loans to pay back, ouch.
I think that will be my project for my next day off, create a budget. Yay! How exciting... I will let you know if I'm about to go bankrupt.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free(Cell) Time

So big news today! Bum bum bum...
My win percentage at Freecell is up to 76%! Yay!
Yes, yes I know, not really something to be this excited about, but I think it just goes to show how perseverance and calm, rationale analysis can overcome.
Since graduation (June 13th) I've fallen into a well of boredom, a very deep, damp, dark well. It's all very strange, not having this paper or that group project or midterm to consume my time. Yes, I do work, but 8 hours out of my day is nothing! Then there are my days off... a whole DAY with nothing, absolutely nothing to do? Usually if I was doing nothing I could at least be worrying about the homework I knew I could be doing... strange indeed... I really must find out what people do in their days off.
Anyway, so back to Freecell, I've gotten really good for the past few weeks, but my win percentage was destroyed from my first year of play. So I reset it yesterday and I've won 10 of 13 games. Nice, I know.
I haven't gotten much further in Airs Above the Ground, it's still a bit slow. Hopefully it picks up! Now I'm off the "watch" Twilight while playing FreeCell. The movie is a bit cheesy and adolescent (like the book), but the soundtrack is actually very lovely and I think Robert Pattinson has a soothing voice, so it's become my go to movie to turn on when I'm doing something else.