Sunday, March 7, 2010

With passion now!

Well okay then. I’ve finished Endymion Spring it fits perfectly into the “totally forgettable but fun for a brief moment” genre. I didn’t realize this when I got it because it was a present, but I think it was a young adult book. Which, I’ve nothing against young adult books, “Hi…Harry Potter lover here.” But as a rule they just don’t have the character development and sophistication of books aimed at older audiences. A lot of the time the plots are so obvious it becomes painful; I find a lot of authors all but punch you in the face with “I’m going to surprise and shock you, I SWEAR!!!” Yeah, okay, I get it.

So now I’m slowly, s l o w l y working on a new book: My Dream of You by Nuala O’Faolain, an Irish author. I’m still trying to figure exactly what it’s about and I’m about a quarter to third of the way in. A depressed travel writer in her late forties heads back to Ireland for the first time in many, many years to research a possible book on a mid-nineteenth century scandal involving the wife of an English landlord and her Irish servant. Kathleen (main character) is fascinated by the question of PASSION, because she has none of it in her life. What makes people throw everything away for someone else, how do some people find it in their jobs and ways of living?

I think this is a very interesting question as well. Everyone wants to have passion in their lives in one form or another, but how many people really do? I think very few. I wonder if I even have it with my boyfriend (who I’m crazy about). Many relationships and jobs just become a comfortable simmer instead of the all consuming fire. I wonder if in giving yourself over to the daily life of a relationship you lose some of that passion. We are so completely at ease with each other and it is so comforting and golden. Do you have to pick one: passion or the complete knowing of another? Maybe this book will let me know…