Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Throwdown Time...and movies are gonna pwn books!

Inspired by my reading of Jane Slayre I decided to watch Jane Eyre on Netflix...the 1983 BBC version. Oh yes. It is as horrible as you might imagine. But it does have 2 saving graces.

1. Mr. Timothy "I'm the picture of rugged good looks/ brooding guy handsome" Dalton.
2. It stays remarkably close to the book. Like, exactly the same. A bit like the BBC Pride and Prejudice.

Now this leads into the subject of.....................................................
Obviously, books are always better than the movie. Subject closed.

Lawlsauce. For some reason whenever people say, "Oh, the book was so much better," it really grates me Swiss cheese. Of course the book was better! Why is there ever a question of this. You get like, 10 times the information from a book than you do with the movie! But in a few cases I would say that I enjoyed the movie a bit more than the book. These would be:

1. Twilight Series: Young adult books with not a WHOLE lot of intense character development, interesting writing techniques, or very original plot, I found that reading them was a quick, fairly enjoyable experience. Now the movies on the other hand I could watch for days for scenery and soundtrack alone. You just don't get that in the books.

2. Lord of the Rings Series: Don't get me wrong, these are some of my favorite books and I LOVED reading them. But sometimes, I could have handled a little less descriptive paragraphs. The movies are some of the greatest movies of all time, perfectly fitting to the books. So much was left out, but amazing cinematography, acting and special effects definitely made up for this. And there was the love of my life through high school: Cutie Blonde Elf Legolas. You don't get the sexiness in the books. *Cue long intense stare into the distance.

3. Fight Club: Was Brad Pitt in the book? No? Then why is there a debate on this one?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer is the greatest, no seriously, it is.

So, I had to be gone for a little while because of a bit of stress at work... read: I was too tired to think/write/be conscious after 8 hours with the little ones.

But, now that my 11 month engagement with AmeriCorps is drawing a close (I've only about 50 hours left that I need to log) I'm feeling the draw of writing and having more time for my reading! As I just mentioned in the previous post I'm working on a new, lovely book. I'm also trying to make my way through The Plains of Passage, by Jean Auel. She is better known for The Clan of the Cave Bear, one of my all time favorite books.

Plains of Passage is the 4th in the series, and to be quite honest, it's very dry. I'm having the darndest time getting into it. So, while I was at Borders, because that is my place to go when I've some spare time laying around, I picked up two new books, the aforementioned Jane Slayre and also The Windup Girl, by
Paolo Bacigalupi.

Also, since Oregon has finally decided to welcome the sun back into our lives, I'm starting to enjoy summer and have started to frequent the Saturday Farmer's Market. I have been in a heaven of delicious fresh fruit, veggies, cheeses, bread, meat, flowers and CREPES! Just yum. Last time I picked up broccoli, pea pods, sweet red peppers, green onions, and red cabbage and I then created a delicious stir fry with Jasmine rice. I am now on the hunt for recipes where I will be able to use all this wonderful fresh food!

Oh, and I can't forget the most delicious... There were berries of every sort one could dream up...well, maybe except for schnozberries...but you get the idea. Millions of the most beautiful sweet, tart, juicy, stain-your-mouth-blue-and-red-forever berries! I shall be making berry recipes until I'm quite literally blue in the face.

Have I sunk so low?

I love books.

Could this be more obvious? But, sometimes I'm embarrassed of the book I'm reading. You know what it reminds me of? When my boyfriend and I started dating.

On Facebook I refused to say I was "in a relationship" with him until he changed his profile picture. In my defense, he looked like a 15 year old boy. A crazy fifteen year old boy...that may have been on illicit drugs...and had bad hair. Anyway, back to my point. Sometimes even though you really love something, you just might not be ready to share it with the rest of the world.

I remember the first time I experienced this with a book. It was the middle of summer, before 7th grade. I had run out of books to read. Oh god! The agony. Luckily, my father had a secret cache that I knew nothing of. A cache of wondrous, deliciously musty, old booky smelling Western books! Oh, dear Louis L'Amour, I am forever indebted to you, though I will never admit it irl (as the kids say). From these lovely little books I learned what a left jab was, how women should be supple and sassy, and what made a good horse.

Of course, once the school year started back up again, I was still addicted to my Westerns. So I sat on the bus reading my book, trying desperately to keep it low and the cover covered. Eventually the anxiety of trying to keep my love affair with Louis hidden drove us apart.

Nowadays I am cheerfully defiant, showing the cover of any book I'm reading to anyone who asks. But, for some reason, my latest novel has me cringing when someone asks what I'm reading. Perhaps because the idea of it is unbearably cheesy, much too pop culture, just plain silly...

I'm reading Jane Slayre. Yes, that's right. It's Jane Eyre, but with vampires, werewolves and zombies. And now I say what I should have said all those years ago when my nervousness of what other people think made me deny Louis: I LOVE IT!