Friday, August 7, 2009

How Glamorous!

Freecell win percentage is up to 88%, yes, I'm that good.
Airs Above the Ground
is getting better, they are traveling deeper into Austria.
So what else have I got going?
There is nothing better than getting mail. And today I got two wonderful things in the mail. My new Netflix movie (28 Weeks Later) and my Glamour magazine. What could be more awesome than sitting down to a movie and a mag? Though, I think this movie is going to be a bit gruesome. I watched the first one with The Honey (28 Days Later) and thought it was "meh," I'm not too into really gorey, bloody scary movies. He made me watch it because he thought it was really good...come to find out that he was confused and had only seen the second one, so now I'm watching it without him, it better be good... I hate wasting a Netflix with a crappy movie, so annoying!
I'm reading my Glamour and it says that I should create a budget and start putting money away for my retirement and such. Hmph, I am a little scared to make a budget, what if I'm spending all my money! I'm pretty proud that I've only a couple hundred dollars on a credit card, but then I have several thousand in student loans to pay back, ouch.
I think that will be my project for my next day off, create a budget. Yay! How exciting... I will let you know if I'm about to go bankrupt.

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