Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Quick!

Things are about to get exciting!
Right now I'm staying with my sister in Hillsboro until my new apartment is ready on the 19th. I'm putting off unloading my truck and into her garage because we are going back home to the parents' house to go salmon fishing with my dad! Then I'm filling my truck up with the rest of my stuff and coming back to Portland. Just have to wait a few more days!
On Monday I start my job with Americorps, bright and early at 9am, I'm so excited to find out exactly what I'm going to be doing!
Last night was fun with the sister and The Honey. She made Thai chicken for dinner with rice noodles and brussel sprouts. I guess you have to rinse the noodles in cool water after cooking them so they don't stick together. Normally you would then add them to a stir fry or something to heat them back up...seeing we only had chicken the Sister didn't do this, thus we had cold, slimy noodles. Tasted fine, just...cold...that's just not right.
Okay! Enough procastinating, I need to go unload the vehicle of my cool stuff!

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