Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Throwdown Time...and movies are gonna pwn books!

Inspired by my reading of Jane Slayre I decided to watch Jane Eyre on Netflix...the 1983 BBC version. Oh yes. It is as horrible as you might imagine. But it does have 2 saving graces.

1. Mr. Timothy "I'm the picture of rugged good looks/ brooding guy handsome" Dalton.
2. It stays remarkably close to the book. Like, exactly the same. A bit like the BBC Pride and Prejudice.

Now this leads into the subject of.....................................................
Obviously, books are always better than the movie. Subject closed.

Lawlsauce. For some reason whenever people say, "Oh, the book was so much better," it really grates me Swiss cheese. Of course the book was better! Why is there ever a question of this. You get like, 10 times the information from a book than you do with the movie! But in a few cases I would say that I enjoyed the movie a bit more than the book. These would be:

1. Twilight Series: Young adult books with not a WHOLE lot of intense character development, interesting writing techniques, or very original plot, I found that reading them was a quick, fairly enjoyable experience. Now the movies on the other hand I could watch for days for scenery and soundtrack alone. You just don't get that in the books.

2. Lord of the Rings Series: Don't get me wrong, these are some of my favorite books and I LOVED reading them. But sometimes, I could have handled a little less descriptive paragraphs. The movies are some of the greatest movies of all time, perfectly fitting to the books. So much was left out, but amazing cinematography, acting and special effects definitely made up for this. And there was the love of my life through high school: Cutie Blonde Elf Legolas. You don't get the sexiness in the books. *Cue long intense stare into the distance.

3. Fight Club: Was Brad Pitt in the book? No? Then why is there a debate on this one?


  1. lol! Number 3 cracks me up. And I do have to agree with you about number 2, even though I too LOVE those books.

    And personally I liked the Twilight books a lot better than the movie, but that's just me :) Although the soundtrack to each one (but New Moon's my fave) are almost better than the books. And well, it's been a few years since I read the books so I may not be of the same opinion if I were to go back and read them now after seeing the movies.

  2. I think of book movies as visual Cliff Notes. Not the whole story, but helpful, and I love visuals!

    For me, Twilight was so boring as a book (only read the first), but decent as a film. Harry Potter - great Cliff Notes. But my faves, all those Merchant Ivory films, especially "A Room with a View".

  3. I agree, usually the books are better. But I love the way a good movie can bring a book to life - only if it matches what I pictured though. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Haha..I like this post and no. 3 made me LOL =D

    I prefer books over movies mostly but even though I like the Narnia books, I LOVE the Narnia movies (I mean, hello, Ben Barnes? Prince Caspian was WIN)