Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer is the greatest, no seriously, it is.

So, I had to be gone for a little while because of a bit of stress at work... read: I was too tired to think/write/be conscious after 8 hours with the little ones.

But, now that my 11 month engagement with AmeriCorps is drawing a close (I've only about 50 hours left that I need to log) I'm feeling the draw of writing and having more time for my reading! As I just mentioned in the previous post I'm working on a new, lovely book. I'm also trying to make my way through The Plains of Passage, by Jean Auel. She is better known for The Clan of the Cave Bear, one of my all time favorite books.

Plains of Passage is the 4th in the series, and to be quite honest, it's very dry. I'm having the darndest time getting into it. So, while I was at Borders, because that is my place to go when I've some spare time laying around, I picked up two new books, the aforementioned Jane Slayre and also The Windup Girl, by
Paolo Bacigalupi.

Also, since Oregon has finally decided to welcome the sun back into our lives, I'm starting to enjoy summer and have started to frequent the Saturday Farmer's Market. I have been in a heaven of delicious fresh fruit, veggies, cheeses, bread, meat, flowers and CREPES! Just yum. Last time I picked up broccoli, pea pods, sweet red peppers, green onions, and red cabbage and I then created a delicious stir fry with Jasmine rice. I am now on the hunt for recipes where I will be able to use all this wonderful fresh food!

Oh, and I can't forget the most delicious... There were berries of every sort one could dream up...well, maybe except for schnozberries...but you get the idea. Millions of the most beautiful sweet, tart, juicy, stain-your-mouth-blue-and-red-forever berries! I shall be making berry recipes until I'm quite literally blue in the face.

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