Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Maze was only the beginning.

Well, well, well... So we meet again.

Crazy that it's been four years since I've looked at this blog. In 4 years so much can happen and you can change so much, but then, you're still basically the same person. I've been reading like crazy still, that will never change. Jobs have come and gone, the latest one was where I wanted to be forever, I was happy in it, I could see myself with the company for years and years, and then bam, I was laid off.

I don't know that I've ever felt that low, even when Borders was going out of business (yes, I worked there for the year after my AmeriCorps service ended) and I was deciding to break up with my boyfriend. To have that dream job. To have that future you have been planning and biding your time for in your grasp and to have it unceremoniously ripped away was heartbreaking.

 I was working in the Advertising Operations department of a large internet corporation and though it was definitely not where I had seen myself when I was a dreamy college grad wanting to work in book publishing I actually loved it! Then it was gone, after about 2 years there it was over and I was again lost. Waiting for my life to begin. Staring at my new boyfriend and new apartment but feeling like I had gone nowhere new in my life.

 But, to use a cliche (because duh, they are cliches because they're true!): When one door closes, another opens. So again, here I am feeling like I'm starting my life anew. I'm almost done packing up my apartment to make the loooong 600+ mile drive to San Francisco for a new job. I'm doing it alone this time(except for my cat Chali of course!). My boyfriend is staying here for the time being and honestly, I'm so excited to be on my own again. I feel I've gotten more independent with age and a nice little studio by the Bay all to myself sounds like the best thing in the world to me right now. I'm starting a new job in a new city in a new chapter of my life.

Oh, and the (audio)book to keep my company on my roadtrip down to California? The Scorch Trials, sequel to The Maze Runner, because even though I'm all mature and grown up and independent, I still fucking love YA novels. HA!

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