Friday, July 31, 2009

Keep on keeping on

I am so completely, absolutely, without a doubt OVER working food service.
I've worked at Subway since I was fifteen, all through high school, then college, just bouncing from store to store. Don't get me wrong, a job's a job, and I've worked with some really wonderful people. Some of my best friends are from work. But I can't say enough how OVER I am with it.
I think it just gives me an appreciation for what my schooling was worth, what those five long (expensive) years of all-nighters, coffee addiction, and living on free food from work and Ramen were for. Not so I could go back to working at Subway.
I'm here now, in little Seaside, Oregon in my last couple weeks of working food service to make a little extra money before my Real World Job starts on August 17th. And it is truly awful. All I can think about all day long is just a month more, just 3 weeks more, just 2 weeks more...
I can't even express how excited I am to move to Beaverton. Living with The Honey, having weekends off, having exciting, romantic, and spur of the moment excursions in Portland. I suppose it's the whole "20-something professional" thing I'm most excited about. Having friends over for dinner parties, helping The Honey tie his tie in the morning before we go to work, weekend mini-breaks. My GOD my life is beginning!
But for now, I just have to keep on keeping on with the torture of working fast food as a college graduate. Hmph.
In an aside. I'm reading an obscure little book called Airs Above the Ground by Mary Stewart (not Mary "Queen of Scots" Stewart, wrong century). It was written in the 60s and takes place in Britain and Austria, only a little over 250 pages. I've yet to really get into it, but then I'm only 40 pages in. I guess it's supposed to be a "romantic suspense" but I haven't really gotten to either of those yet... Mainly it's about a woman whose husband is supposed to be in Stockholm on business, but then she sees him in a newsreel in Austria, so she of course decides to investigate and heads to Austria. I think the Lipizzan Stallions are going to make an appearance which is probably why my mum bought me the book in the first place. I shall keep you updated!

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  1. Congrats on your new beginning!

    Wow, these posts bring me back - I can totally remember how you are feeling about to embark on your life...the first time it is REALLY your life!

    I too interviewed for many an editing job after college but chose a different path so I could make ends meet. My advice to you is to pursue all your goals NOW while you have freedom of time and responsibility.

    I wish you the best of luck and will check in on your adventures often!